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Night programs

"Hussar Ball" show
A theatrical performance featuring contemporary adaptations of Russian romances and musical comedies.

"Russian Gypsy styled Show"
A theatrical performance featuring contemporary a vocal and choreographic adaptation [pasticcio]. A huge ‘bear' joins the dancers in this show. All guests take part in the show.

"Super Hits" show  
Two vocalists, a female singer, musicians: guitar, keyboards, violin, sax, percussion.
The most popular and well-known Russian and foreign hits (original mix). Non-stop.

"Retro" show
Theatrical performances and a show-ballet.
Odessa potpourri. Costume performance imitating comic characters from various comedies. "Twist" potpourri. 1970-80-ies potpourri. "Nostalgia" potpourri.

"Latino" show
Vocal and choreographic stage performance styled as a carnival (three vocalists, show-ballet, musicians). Latin American hit potpourri.

"Jazz rock-n-Roll" show
Popular jazz songs featuring violin, guitar and sax solos. Rock-n-roll costume show (2 soloists, 2 guitars, percussion, violin, saxophone, keyboards). Blues.

"Folk Show"
Two vocalists, show-ballet, musicians.
Only Russian and Gypsy hits including the famous "Konfetki-Baranochki", "Mokhnaty Shchmel", "Rucheyek",  "Dorogoi dlinnoyu", "Milenky ti moi" , "Eh raz", "Korobeiniki" and others.

"Ukrainian Show"
Two vocalists, show-ballet, musicians. Popular Ukrainian songs and dances including "Ivanko" , "Ty zh mene pidmanula", "Chervona ruta"

"Instrumental Show"
Guitar solos performed by a virtuoso. Solo performance featuring the famous "Polet Shmelya" (The Flight of the Bummble Bee). Violin. Solo performance ("Storm", "Chardosh", etc.).
Instrumental classic theme violin-and-guitar potpourri featuring contemporary adaptations of Beethoven, Bach, Glinka, Mozart and others

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