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(under 12)



Pass + equipment rent
(50% extra charge for night-time games)

RUR 600

RUR 400

Pellets with paint (1 box = 2,000 pellets)
Average take per person 300-500 pellets

100 pcs - RUR 350
1 box  - RUR 3,500
3 boxes+ - RUR 3,200/box.
5 boxes + - RUR 3,000/box
smoke pellets, grenades - RUR 350/pc.

"Mavericks "


Obstacle course, competitions, traps! Make the best of your smartness, imagination and team spirit. Duration - 60-90 minutes

RUR 600

RUR 500

"Roadside picnic"

Paintball + Mavericks (duration 180 minutes)

RUR 800

RUR 600

"Water Dances"
(swimming pool)


You are to literally ‘take a dip' into the water frenzy.  And no need to be a good swimmer since our instructor  is a diver and will never let you out of sight. Min number of participants - 15. Duration - 60-90 minutes. Pool rent obligatory.

Up to 30 persons - RUR 15,990.

(outdoors, indoors)


An entertainment and sports event with many games of chance and quizzes with an anchor. Can be organized indoors or outdoors.

Up to 20 persons - RUR 15,990

"Old Russian Amusements"
(outdoors, indoors)


Russian games with folk inventory. Games are chosen to match the participants' age. Seesaws. For up to 30 persons.

RUR 15,990- the event

RUR 7,000- accordionist (optional)

"Paintball  shooting gallery"
(outdoors, indoors)

Bright targets. Range 5m long and 2m wide

Rent - RUR 15,990.
1 shot - RUR 15.

"Bow and Crossbow shooting gallery"


Bright targets, the cost includes transportation, 2 instructors, 2 crossbows, 2 bows and arrows.

RUR 16,500 / 5 hrs

"Forest Aidmen"

Interactive entertainment game with animators dressed as aidmen. Our ‘doctors' will use laughter and fun to cure any ailment.

Up to 20 persons - RUR 15,500.


A colorful , inflatable paintball field ( 1 game)

RUR 8,500.

Crazy Game

A new entertainment and sports game! You are in for crazy and fast-moving contests and a lot of real fun!!!

Up to 20 persons - RUR 15,290.

"Follow Yeti, the snowman"

You are in for some real adventure, digs,  solving new mysteries and, of course, a rendezvous with the Snowman 

Up to 20 persons - RUR 15,290.

- Equipment delivery - RUR 2,300.
- Event in pictures (100+ photos on a CD) - RUR 7,500.

"Popular Amusements" animation event

Fiesta-Park offers you the "Popular Amusements" interactive animation event. Our country has always been known for its large-scale celebrations of the holidays. Many interesting Russian popular amusements and games have remained to this day. Club animators will help you discover and learn such forgotten games and round dances as "The Golden Gates", "The Baskets", "The Flier Scarf" and others. You will also be able to learn and enjoy the old games like "The Runlet", "Sack-race" or "Pillow Fight". Funny relays and competitions will be a thing both children and adults will enjoy and remember. Your staff will be happy to bring back some forgotten skills and open up new talents to have a really tremendous time like our ancestors did, and build up your team spirit.

Duration - 90 minutes.

Event cost RUR 10, 000.

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