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Corporate Client Feedback

"Russky Standart" Bank


"Russky Standart Bank" ZAO held a conference in "Fiesta Park" country club on October 24-27, 2006.
The event was very well organized while the club's staff was very cordial and hospitable in welcoming our participants.
We would like to mark high professional skills of the Club's corporate client manager Maria Shamray and her ability to understand the client's needs.
Along with good organization, we would like to mention the flexibility of the staff when hosting the event, its ability to take account of the conference participants' needs.
"Russky Standart Bank" extends many thanks to the Club's staff.
Looking forward to our cooperation in the future,

With best regards,

Anastasia Svilina

Conference Organizer and Leading Branch Network Specialist

"Russky Standart Bank" ZAO

TNT Academy

Attention: Maria Shamray
"Fiesta Park" Country Club Moscow Office Manager
Monday, March 12, 2007

Dear Maria!
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you personally and the entire staff of "Fiesta Park" country club for the assistance and good-hearted attitude you have demonstrated, let alone the great atmosphere you have managed to create just an hour away from Moscow with comfortable accommodation, well-thought-out and sophisticated infrastructure and high standards of conference organization.
This was our first visit to your Club, but we really enjoyed it and will come back!

Thanking you again, I remain


With best regards,

Andrei Vdovin

General Director TNT Academy

And the entire TNT staff and partners that have enjoyed your hospitality.


Attention Maria Shamray

 "Fiesta Park" Country Club Moscow Office Manager
Moscow, December 22, 2006

Dear Maria,


On December 14-17, 2006 we held HARIBO Sweets annual conference in your Country Club. We have generally enjoyed staying at your Club.

I would like to make a special note of the work done by our curator, Inna Afonetoshina, who approved herself a professional administrator and a very kind and correct person.

With best regards,

I.A. Korolev
Deputy General Director


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